My Kindle Love Affair…

My Kindle Love Affair…


I love reading! Stories have the power to transport us anywhere in time or space … it’s magic!


I bought a Kindle back in the summer of 2013 and couldn’t do without it now, lolThere are so many free and/or cheap books out there, so many authors publishing their own stories as well as using the publishing houses to get their books to us.


Within this page, I want to share with you some of my favourite e-books that I’ve downloaded from Amazon UK 😉 These are the stories that I’ve rated 5 stars on the Goodreads website (you can see my Goodreads profile here).


So far, I’ve thought that 105 of the books I’ve read since 2013 deserve a 5 star rating, the authors of those tales are listed below and, to be very helpful to you my dear followers, if you click on the authors’ names, you will be taken to their websites or their page on Goodreads.


Felicity Heaton    Elizabeth Hunter    Teresa Gabelman    Dianne Duvall   Kate Baxter   Pippa DaCosta    Ilona Andrews    Annie Bellet    William Massa    Kevin Hearne    Stephanie Rowe    Jeri Westerson    Aderyn Wood    Jane Lovering    Meghan Ciana Doidge    Angie Fox    Paula Brackston    K.F. Breene    T.J. Brown    Gena Showalter    S.M. Henley    Larry Correia    Sarah J Stone    Kyoko M    Alana Delacroix    Becca Mills    G.J. Minett    Lisa Olsen    Abbie Roads    Simon Kurt Unsworth   


(Last updated on Monday 30th October 2017)



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