Why Gardening and Natural Remedies? – Luna Walks Alone

Hello My Lovelies, Luna Walks Alone is a blog I follow written by a fellow witch. Her posts are always informative and from the heart. I actually cheered out loud while reading this one; it highlights what I love (and hate) about being a witch AND blogging. The fact that some people feel it’s their … More Why Gardening and Natural Remedies? – Luna Walks Alone

Interview With Emma Restall Orr

This week we offer you an interview with Emma Restall Orr. Photo from Emma’s homepage This former druid joint chief has been one of the leading forces behind the promotion of animism for decades. Her book The Wakeful World is a highly recommended introduction to animism, that also offers a strong philosophical foundation for this…

Happy New Year

Hello My Lovelies, I just wanted to say…. glitter-graphics.com I hope you managed to spend some time with those you care about to last night to see the new year in and are looking forward to the possibilities that a new year can bring. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for following … More Happy New Year

Merry Christmas!

Hello My Lovelies, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas – even if you don’t celebrate this religious Christian festival, I hope that you manage to spend time with family and friends and feel the joy, hope and love of the season. glitter-graphics.com glitter-graphics.com