A Challenge To Read More… PNR-UF Group November 2015 Challenge

Since joining Goodreads I have found many “new to me” authors and series.
I took the site’s general “2014 Reading Challenge” and have signed up again this year. In addition to that I decided to sign up for a few reading challenges that the groups I belong to set.

“Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy” Group is for the discussion and recommendation of paranormal romances and paranormal erotic romance, along with urban fantasy, science fiction, futuristic, and fantasy romance. If you love vampires, werewolves, and hot faery men, this is the group for you. Join up and discuss your favourite books!

If you have questions or concerns, please contact a mod other than Pamela. She unfortunately doesn’t have a lot of goodreads time at the moment, and you’ll get a quicker response from another mod. Thanks!

We recommend members be over 18, since we do discuss books with adult content, but this is not strictly enforced. Please be aware that there will be adult discussion in this group!

So, this post is all about the monthly reading challenge that the “Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy” group have set for November 2015.


It’s a couple of days early, but, well, Halloween is a biggie around my house, and I’m getting ready to ramp up the costume race, so thought I’d get this posted now.

Have I Read This One Before?
Have you noticed that a lot of PNR and UF books have similar titles? Read a book that has one of the words in each list in it’s title.

You can pluralise the word, but it has to be a separate word, e.g. Angel or Angels could be used but not Archangel.

1 Dark or Darkness or DarkerDark and Stormy Knight (Knights of Avalon #2) by Nina Mason
Heat or Hot or FireDragons Don’t Cry (Fire Chronicles #1) by D’Elen McClain
Passion or Kiss or DesirePassion Bites (Biting Love #9) by Mary Hughes
Magic or Spell or WitchThe Silver Witch by Paula Brackston
Night or Midnight or Wolf – Wolves (I Bring The Fire # 1) by C Gockel (Read as part of the “The Paranormal 13” box set)
Vampire or Blood or BiteBlood Magic (Wing Slayer Hunters #1) by Jennifer Lyon
Shadow or Deadly or HungerThe Company of Shadows by Lisa Olsen
Seduction or Lover or MateMarked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates series #8) by Felicity Heaton
Hunter or Eternal or HeartThe Witch Hunter by Nicole R Taylor (Read as part of the “The Paranormal 13” box set)
Angel or Demon or DragonAngel of Mercy by Lisa Olsen

So have you read any of the above books? Recognise any of the authors? As usual you can click on the authors’ names to be whisked away to their own websites….

As my regular followers will know, I love these reading challenges – just search my site for reading challenges and see how many results you get!! Lol! 

Reading challenges are a fun way to “force” us to look further than our noses, to look past those tried and trusted authors and genres that we always read and step into the world of the unknown… we may experience disappointment but we could discover a new “favourite” author and a myriad of new worlds, characters and tales to sink our teeth into! Isn’t it worth the risk?

Funnily enough I found this challenge harder than I expected. My TBR (To Be Read) shelf was lacking in titles containing these words, I really had to scour, however, looking back over the past couple of years, yes I agree PNR and UF book titles frequently contain these words in their titles! Lol!

Clicking on any of the books pictured below will take you to it on Goodreads.



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