Midsummer Herbs – St John’s Wort

Midsummer feels so far away behind us, as I type this the sky is dark with clouds; promising more rain but this post brought a ray of sunshine 🙂

I will hunt out St. John’s Wort to plant in my back garden….

The Eldrum Tree

hypericum perforatum 3 St John’s Wort flowers (Hypericum perforatum)

Late July brings quite a glut of herbs to harvest, including many of the more sun loving plants that make superb infused oils.  In this particular case, a warm July morning saw me out rummaging in the garden, gathering in handfuls of the sunny yellow flowers of St John’s Wort, with its characteristic pollen that stained my fingers red after a short while.  I already have a jar of infused oil on the sunny windowsill in the front porch, slowly starting to take on the distinctive red tinge of a good John’s Wort oil, and the handfuls that got gathered this morning will simply speed the process.

I have a particular soft spot for St John’s Wort, not just because the seemingly alchemical process that turns a combination of pale yellow oil and bright yellow flowers into a deep garnet coloured potion utterly enchants…

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