Come Play With Me by Turulai

This poem is lovely 🙂 wonderful imagery that stirred my childhood memories too. Thank you Turulai.

I’ve copied & pasted this poem from the group “Faeries, Angels, Elementals & Nature Spirits” group on Temple Illuminatus. It was written & posted by Turulai  so I’m giving her full credit!!

In love & light

                Come Play With Me by Turulai

Come play with me in gardens of old

Have you forgotten the words in which I speak

Let loose that child I once knew

How I miss that sweet one

For hours you would sit in the garden

Tall grass hiding where you are

Calls would fall silently upon winds

As secrets you would find

Skip with me my sweet sweet child

Let me sing to you of magical realms

Of purple skys and mushrooms for chairs

Let me show you the Dragon fea that hold you so dear

Wisps upon the winds O yes you see us dont you

Sliently flying with butterflys and dragon flies

What the knot in the tree?

Yes my sweet that is our door

Come my darling talk to us again

Set free this bind upon your heart

How sweet the hope that you should see us again

Upon your shoulders buzzing to your ears

How you swat us away like bugging flys

Open that eye

Upon your forehead and see us again

Show us that  love that we feel for you

O my sweet how we dance

Dance to know you are still there

Come play with me and let me show you

That we have not gone away


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