Who am I?


Welcome To My Home Page

So, this WordPress blog will be in addition to my blogger, tumblr and twitter accounts. Another little piece of the web for the stuff I find inspiring, amusing or interesting…

As you will soon see, I don’t “blog” much myself, but hey, never say never, right?! Funnily enough, I did a Google search for “Flora Fornica” today before writing this Welcome Page – over 84,000 results!! Wow! Ok, so they weren’t all from me (promise) but I do seem to have more of an active blog on Blogger than I thought, I tweet (of course), I post & reblog on tumblr but hey, I don’t feel as though I’m drowning the online world with my eclectic persona just yet so, welcome to my world here on WordPress….

So, who is *Flora*?
Well, I am a woman in my 40’s, with an eclectic range of interests. I wish I was more green-fingered (plants that I buy have to be pretty hardy and survive some serious lack of attention on my part), I love being in my garden but you’ll usually find me with my nose buried in my Kindle rather than actually tending to it. So, check out my Goodreads profile, we might have some reading interests in common…

In Love Light SignatureAt the top of this page is my menu, I’ve created some permanent pages; the love I have for my aforementioned Kindle, other places on the net where you can find me and an easy link to my latest blog posts! See, I try to think of you, my dear reader when creating this little insight into my world. This wordpress theme allows me to keep my menu at the top of every page & post you visit, which hopefully will makes your experience less frustrating. 😉

So, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed your stay.


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Flora: Just a quick message to let you know how grateful I am for your wonderful review. As a debut author still a couple of weeks away from publication I’m still beset by anxieties about how the book will be received by reviewers and by the general reading public (as I’m sure you’ll understand) so it is immensely reassuring to have such positive feedback. Thank you

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